International & Domestic Sea / Air freight

A. EXPORT - Major in Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry

i. Exhibit on major furniture & craft expo

  1. TEI (Trade Expo Indonesia)
  2. IFFINA (International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia)
  3. IFEX (Indonesia International Furniture Expo)

ii. Media advertisement

  1. Rattan Icon
  2. Furnicraft today

iii. Cooperation with main Indonesian furniture & craft association

  1. ASMINDO (Indonesian Furniture & Craft Association)
  2. AMKRI (Indonesian Furniture & Rattancraft Association
  3. Indonesian Trade Ministry – BPEN (National Export Development Bureau)
  4. Indonesian Industrial Ministry – Directorate of Agriculture – IHHP (Forest & plantation resource industry)
  5. East Java Provincial Government – Economic division
  6. East Java Industrial & Trade – Foreign Trade
  7. East Java Investment Bureau
  8. BEDO (Bali Expo Development Organization)

B. IMPORT – Sales campaign

i. Active sales campaign in Jakarta EXPO

ii. Import services advantage for DDP, DDU

  1. In-house customs brokerage
  2. In-house customs operation
  3. In-house Importer of record/ Import license (PT Welgrow Citra Persada)
  4. In-house trucking service

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