Corporate Subsidiary

PT Welgrow Citra Persada

WCP was established in 2002, initially to support Welgrow’s project in “return management” for an established computer hub & modem manufacturer. It was not later until 2009, it extended his importer of record facility to other sector of industry, mainly in consumer products. In 2014, WCP had extended its import license to various category of products, not limited to products such as textile and garment products, footwear, electronics and some agricultures produce.


PT Welgrow Indojasa Pratama

WIP was established in 2014, in response to a growing demand for an agency, providing a proper and reliable legal and administrative application to various permits related to export and import activities. WIP only focused on services that we master and commits in providing transparency in information and its proper procedure. WIP believes in introducing and educating our clients to proper and legal procedures and to providing valid and legal data for any required application entry. This ensures timely and accountable processing time.

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