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WHO is going to decide whether the import shipment categorized as red/yellow/green line?

Indonesia's Customs Department.

WHAT is the definition of "red line" on Indonesia customs clearance process?

Red Line, is the process of care and supervision of imported goods by physical inspection and document research conducted prior to the issuance of Letter of Approval Expenditures (SPPB) by Indonesia Customs.

WHY custom categorized a shipment as "red line"?

There is some criterias:
• Importers new;
• Importers are included in the high risk category (high risk importers);
• Temporary import of goods;
• Goods Petroleum Operations (BOP) class II;
• Goods re-imported;
• Subject to random inspection;
• Certain imported goods are set by the Government;
• Imported goods are included in the high-risk commodities and / or come from high-risk countries.

WHEN the goods will be release if categorized as "red line"?

Normally around 7 until 14 working days after the goods arrived with SeaconLogistik Team assist.

HOW to contact us?

You can contact us through our website; call our client care department in +62 21 6306639-41; or send you queries to

WHERE are you located?

Seacon Logistik's headquartered in Jakarta, and our branches is in Surabaya Denpasar and Semarang.

What is the difference between Custom Data, Statistical Data and Analysis Report?

Custom Data :- It contains all the information that is required to grow your business. It includes Importer Names, Exporter Names, Manufacturer Names, Product Details, HS code, Quantity, Value, Origin of port or country, Destination of port or country, Date of shipment etc.

Statistical Data :- This data is useful when you want to check the import or export market size of any country. It is also useful for primary research of your import export business. It contains all the information of shipment except the Importer or Exporter Names. It will help you to analyse the market trends of any product with its export import value or volume.

Analysis Report :- This report is prepared by our data experts as per your requirement. It is analysed by brand, model and other specifications of the product.

How do I find HS code for my product?

Tab panel for expanded tab number5
If you want to know the HS code of your product, visit at
Go to the bottom of the page and find HS code (upto 8 digits) of any product.
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