Branch Office Surabaya

Was established in 2001, as second largest city after capital city Jakarta, Surabaya is enriched with multi industrial as well as agricultural produce such as tobacco, clove, coffee, various nuts. Besides its provincial produce, Surabaya port Tanjung Perak is also serve as International hub for most of the Eastern part of Indonesia’s export and import activities. This includes hubs for various ports in main island such as Kalimantan (Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Samarinda), Sulawesi (Makassar, Palu, Bitung, Gorontalo, Kendari) and various other island including Bali, Lombok, and Flores (Labuan Bajo), not forgetting the independence nation of East Timor. Therefore Surabaya is totally an independence branch with his own generated export and import activities. Due to its strategic importance, our activity includes sub-handling for various forwarders, shipping agency, out-port trans-loading and on-forwarding for general and project cargo.

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