Licensing & Consultant Services

A. Export/ Import Trade Facility
1. Import - USDFS/ Master List/ EPZ application
2. Export - SKA (Certificate of Origin) for FTA
3. Import of used machinery for manufacturer

B. Export/ Import License application
2. PI - Import Permit
3. IT (Registered Importer for specific commodity)
4. Product label requirement
5. Health Certification for Food & Drugs
6. SVLK (Wooden Logs Verification Certificate)
7. Duty free facility

C. Assessment and Compliance
1. HS Code assessment
2. Import Restriction compliance
3. Surveyor at origin for import restriction requirement

D. Customs procedure technical training & coaching

E. Corporate legal set up
1. National Corporate registration & legal set up
2. Foreign/ International Corporate registration & legal set up
3. Trade mark application and registration

F. Tax & Accounting Consultant

1. Tax Administration Services : Tax registration/PKP, invalidation NPWP/PKP, EFIN registration, changes KPP or business domicile submission, requesting SKB PPN and/or PPh Ps 21, 22, 23 (Non final PPh) submission, and others related to tax administration.

2. Tax Consultant : Provide tax consulting services regularly and periodically, both on the taxation issues that are general or special. This consultation also deals with changing changes in tax provisions that are constantly changing.

3. Tax Compliance Services : SPT Masa PPh Ps 21/26, SPT Masa PPh Ps 23/26, SPT Masa PPh Final, SPT Masa PPN/PPnBM, SSP Angsuran PPh Ps 25 Masa.

4. Preparation of Annual Tax Services : SPT Tahunan PPh Badan, SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi, SPT PPh Masa Desember Pasal 21/26 dan Bukti Potong 1721-A1 Employee.

5. Accounting Consulting Services : Providing services in compiling Accounting & Financial Statements periodically or annually, based on documents, records and other financial information provided by the client. The compilation of Financial
Statements related to the following industries:
a. Field of service industry
b. The field of trade industry
c. Field of manufacturing industry

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